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My name is Cynthia and I was one of your customers until Wednesday the 10th. That is because I passed my driver’s test that day and I want to say thank you so much for the wonderful product that you provide. It was well worth it.

I would like to thank you for the support that you have given me. I was writing my learners test today and was the only one who passed.. thanks to your software.
Your L2D system has proved to be extremely valuable.
It was used by my grandson (18), who passed the Learner’s test first time with a mark of 96%. Langlaagte depot (Johnnesburg) tests on a multiple-choice computerised touch screen test system. He completed the exam in 20 minutes and was first out, the next of 42 candidates that ‘wrote’ finished 20 minutes later. Most took a complete hour and some did not finish.

His feedback:

Use of the L2d system was beneficial in becoming familiar with the computerised multiple-choice test method. Many candidates were unfamiliar with either computers or multiple choice methods;

He learnt many rules of the road that are not covered by the K53 book;

He started off by using the test section before reading the rules and realised after many attempts that he would not learn the rules through the tests only. Took 12 attempts to pass all sections.

The questions in the official driving test itself were much simpler than those in the L2D;

I will pass the disk on to others who need to learn the rules.
Perhaps L2D should become a compulsory school subject.

Best Regards and Voorspoed to the L2Drive team.

I just want to say thank you very much for helping me pass my learner’s licence so easy.

Thanks, Njabulo.

Guess what… I have got my drivers licence Friday last week. I would like to
thank you for the software, it has kept me going through out my driving
lessons. Many thanks once again.

Best Wishes and Regards,

Once again, thank you for your support and kindness. The good news is my daughter
has passed her Learner's Test. We're truly indebted to you and your Learn2Drive3D
programme. I have started passing on the news.

Kindest regards,

I’ve got my driver’s licence, thank you very much.


This is a very exciting concept you have. I am currently completing my M.Ed degree
in Educational Psychology with the premise being the development of three-
dimensional perception in adolescents. I have referred to your program as a way
forward in the development of three-dimensional perception during the training of
drivers as well as in artisan training. This is obviously all done to prevent accidents
caused by not being able to see in 3D.

Now it is important for you to get the government involved as far as training the taxi
industry is concerned.

Well done and keep up the good work.


I must congratulate you on an excellent program, and your professional service.

Hope doing further business with you soon.


Thanks! You made it easy for me!


I just wanted to thank you and your team and your wonderful programme

I passed my drivers licence

I am very impressed by your work.
Thank you

Ek het verlede maand julle program geaktiveer en ek is baie gelukkig met dit,
want dit help my geweldig baie.


I find it very easy to learn from the 3d and what's great about it is that it will save
me time & money spent on driving school, I'm only going for 2 lessons.

Kind regards,

Thanks... I have received the disc's. I have given them all out already, and i
still know people that would like it. So if you could send more, that would be great.

Thanks very much - this program will help me to pass my learners which im writing in september.

I will approach our life orientation teacher and tell him about your work.

Its a good program, and it would do great if you handed it out at schools.
Thats where most of the people are who are learning how to drive.

I could help you distribute it at my school


Thanks for this great innovation. Anything that can help our learners to get their
licences faster is welcome. I am excited already.


Thanx, Learn2Drive3D rox . I'm looking foward to the next version.


Received the CD yesterday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Many thanks guys


A very nice programme. Browsed through, and realised after more than 20
years of driving, that I can learn a lot... Will spread the news around this


It's not very often that you get people who are so dedicated to their jobs. I really
meant it, you should keep up the good work, it is really amazing what people can
learn from this program.

Take care.

I think concept is excellent, very unique and is what SA needs. This is for my
daughter and she needs to start learning in the comfort of her own space.


I was very impressed with what I have seen so far of the software and hope that my
son will soon be passing his test on the first attempt.

Regards, Don

I will pass the test on the 20th of February, I am sure of it. I've get
brilliant service from you guys, thanks for that. You are really a great team, keep it up! :)


Once again thanks to you and the team for an excellent driving tutorial and the
efforts made in replacing CD's.

This kind of service and support is rare - keep it up !!


Thank you for your speedy response. I have had bad experiences when it
takes months for anyone to respond.

So I must just stress again Thank You for your efficiency.

I greatly appreciate it.


WOW!!! You don't know how much you've just helped me!
I really appreciate this and also your quick and friendly service.

Thanks for a great product!

Kind regards

This morning i received my CD copy. Thanks a lot for your quick response.


Thanks - I'm hoping that your product will make teaching my second daughter
a whole lot less traumatic than the first, for both of us.


Many thanks for your prompt assistance,
Much appreciated

Hi Kate GUESS WHO has been activated!!!!

Thank you again for ALLLL your assistance...can breathe easy & laugh about
this now!


Thank you for finding the problem for me we love our technology but it has a
mind of its own sometimes!!!
If you are clueless about tech issues like me you are lost.

Thanks again for your time and afford to help out.
Have a wonderful weekend


Unbelievably amazing service! You certainly appear to have a ‘jacked up’
Good luck with your program!


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