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  What do you get with Learn2Drive3D?  
  • Learn2Drive3D contains ALL the theory you need to know to pass your South African K53 Learner's or Driver's licences.
  • Work your way through the latest K53 content interactively, actually seeing procedures and concepts demonstrated in 3D, and getting instant feedback in tests and quizzes.
  • The material is based on the latest SA National Road Traffic Act and K53 manuals used by the Department of Transport examiners. 
  • When you install Learn2Drive3D, all sections are always included. You then choose to activate either the Learner's section, or the Driver's section, or both.

Here's what you'll get:


In the LEARNER'S section:

  • All the South African rules of the road
  • Road signs, signals and road markings illustrated and explained
  • Defensive driving and the K53 system
  • Vehicle controls
  • Interactive quizzes
  • Over 400 multiple choice questions in the random test mode for ongoing revision
  • Separate mock tests marked in the same way as the official test
  • Get to practice on a computer - some traffic departments are introducing computerised testing

In the DRIVER'S section:

  • Pre-trip inspections – interior and exterior
  • Yard test scenarios, like parallel parking
  • Road test scenarios, like emergency stop
  • In-car procedures, like changing gears and steering
  • Step-by-step 3D animated demonstrations of all 45 K53 procedures you could be tested on
  • How you’ll be scored at your test: where you could lose marks or fail immediately
  • Tips and tricks – what to watch out for
  • Specifications and measurements for the yard test - set up a test yard at home!
  • Learn all the theory and what the K53 system is – cut down on the number of driving lessons you need

In the HOME section:

Note: the HOME section is always available to you, whether you have bought the Learner's section, or the Driver's section, or both.
  • Comprehensive checklist that covers everything you'll need to do before getting your licences
  • Logbook that tracks which sections you've completed, and all your improving test scores
  • Directory where you can look up contact details for your closest test centre

Free support:

Friendly support team always available by email or phone if you need help. Support is available for as long as you are using Learn2Drive3D.

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Learn 2 Drive 3D CD-ROM

DRIVER'S SECTION: Yard test section - Parallel parking to the left modeul

LEARNER'S SECTION: Road signals test module

DRIVER'S SECTION: Learn to drive in car scenario

DRIVER'S SECTION: Module overview notes

DRIVER'S SECTION: Road test section - Freeways module

LEARNER'S SECTION: Vehicle controls

DRIVER'S SECTION: Pre-Trip Inspection module

HOME SECTION: Learn2Drive3D Checklist

LEARNER'S SECTION: Road signs module