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Learn2Drive3D is the easiest way for a learner driver to study for their K53 Learner's and Driver's licences - if they want to pass first time! It's a computer application - the learners interact with it, doing quizzes and mock tests, and watching 3D simulations.

The Learn2Drive3D Classroom version has all the great features of the Home version, but now you can set it up in your computer lab and offer Classroom training to your students!

Features for students

Take a look at our Product features page to find out what students will be getting, and to see screenshots of the application. These features are common to both the Classroom and the Home versions.

Features for administrators or teachers

In addition to all the existing student features, the Classroom version allows administrators to:
  • Manage users centrally: add, edit or delete users and organise them into groups or classes
  • Track student progress: link through to the checklists and logbooks of each student, to see which sections they have completed and what their test scores are.
  • Manage activations centrally: buy a set of activation codes from us, import them in one go, and then activate user accounts as and when you need to
  • Back up your database periodically and restore if necessary

Why should you start a Learn2Drive3D Classroom?

There are only two reasons to start a Learn2Drive3D Classroom. One or both might apply to you:
  • You have people who want or need to study for their Learner's or Driver's licences
  • You would like to make an income

Who should start a Learn2Drive3D Classroom?

Take a look at the Offering Models sheet in our Info pack for some ideas of the many types of organisation that could set up a Learn2Drive3D Classroom, and how they might do it. They include:
  • Schools
  • Tertiary institutions
  • Drivings schools
  • Computer training centres
  • Internet cafes
  • Companies
  • NGOs

How do you start a Learn2Drive3D Classroom?

Take a look at our Classroom Checklist and Info pack. It will guide you step-by-step through all the steps you need to take and the decisions you need to make.

How much does it cost?

There is no once-off setup cost for Learn2Drive3D Classroom. You will buy activation codes from us (one for each student), and can then charge for these or not as you choose. Check out the Pricing models sheet in the Info pack for more information on how we charge, and ideas of how you might charge.

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What's the history of Learn2Drive3D Classroom?

Learn2Drive3D HOME has been going strong since 2006. We soon realised that driving instructors, schools and companies were buying multiple copies to set up on more than one computer and run Classroom sessions. However, the installations were not connected, and were difficult to maintain. There was also no way that the administrator could track the individual student's progress. We realised we had to create a version for multiple users and Learn2Drive3D CLASSROOM was born.
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Checklist & Info pack
The checklist outlines everything you need to get started setting up a Learn2Drive3D Classroom. Download the info pack from here.

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